Dear Milad,


It is easy to scrutinize use of language rather than to grapple with the uncomfortable truths about the situation of the Copts in Egypt raised by the tragedy in Naga Hammadi. While the professional accomplishments of Dr. xx at UCSF, one of the most renown medical centers in the country, are a matter of pride in the Coptic community, the celebration of those achievements at an event that occurred without public mention of the grief that had befallen the Coptic Church and Coptic Community worldwide in the days leading up to the party was callous, insensitive and unchristian.


We are all proud of our Egyptian heritage, however, the Egyptian Government has engaged in a systematic betrayal of their Coptic citizens, allowing them to be targets in their communities and denying them justice and fair treatment in their own nation, which many of them have risked their lives to defend. Meaningless platitudes and generic regret that only serve to maintain and justify the status quo speak to the enmeshed interests of those who hide behind them with the corrupt government that similarly hides behind the Emergency Laws that help to perpetuate the brutal repression and systematic persecution of the Copts that culminated in the attacks in Naga Hammadi.


I was touched by the genuine outpouring of grief and support that was shown on January 29th, 2010 at the demonstration in San Francisco. I am proud to have stood and acknowledged the pain and loss felt around the world by the Coptic Community. It is my sincere hope that the Egyptian Government sees the harm caused by their persecutory policies and inept handling of domestic threats and rectifies their method of governance so that all Egyptians regardless of ethnicity or religion have equal protection under the law and in their communities so that this tragedy never happens again.


Fayez El Giheny