Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights


3 November 2005


Dear Members of the Coalition and Friends:


I am writing to solicit your participation in a campaign in the US and Europe to push for a commitment by the US and EU to establish the separation of religion from state and institutional guarantee of religious freedom as preconditions for true democracy in the Middle East.


It is a modest campaign, but it will establish an important initiative to be more assertive of the kinds of changes that will create an environment for true democracy in the Middle East.As you may know the Chaldean bishops in Iraq in response to the new Iraqi constitution are requesting the intervention of the Pope to call for true democracy.Who better to lead this movement than those who would benefit the most from true democracy in the Middle East, the ethnic and religious minorities?


Will you do the following:


1.      Sign the organizational petition and return it to me by December 1 through e-mail:, by fax at 1-202-544-7778 or by post to:

Fr. Keith Roderick

113 C Street, S.E.; Suite 2

Washington, D.C. 20003


2.      Please forward this letter to other like-minded organizations and leaders of your community, including churches, religious, and cultural organizations who will sign and return it to me in like manner.


3.      Please reproduce and distribute the grassroots petition that I have attached for support among the individual members of your organizations, the ethnic community and churches.And, add this petition on-line web site to your organizationís web site:††


Any grassroots petitions that you distribute and collect can be sent to me at the address above.


The goal is to get your support by petition then follow-up with submission of the petition with several thousand names by December 10, Human Rights Day to the President and European Parliament.It is not an understatement to say that the success of this campaign is really dependent upon your efforts.


With kind regards,

Fr. Keith Roderick

Secretary General of the Coalition